Fa.Thies was developed a new cup anemometer for the evaluation of location and wind measuring. The FIRST CLASS anemometer meets all requirements of IEC regarding turbulence sensitivity and inclined flow.

A heated version of the YOUNG 2D sonic anemometer is now available

In developing the VENSYS WECs, we focused on simplifying the design by reducing it to what is really essential: as small as possible a number of high-quality and tested components are used. The VENSYS generator functions without parts such as gear box, intermediate shaft and couplings, which are failure-prone and need intensive maintenance. The use of permanent-magnet excitation eliminates the need for excitation coils, slip rings and the generation of direct current for excitation purposes.

The drive system for the ENERCON wind energy converters is based on a simple principle: Fewer rotating components reduce mechanical stress and at the same time increase the technical service life of the equipment. Maintenance and service costs for the wind turbine are lower (fewer wearing parts, no gear oil change, etc.) and operating costs are reduced.
The rotor hub and annular generator are directly connected to each other as a fixed unit without gears. The rotor unit is mounted on a fixed axle, the so-called axle pin. Compared to conventional geared systems that have a large number of bearing points in a moving drive train, ENERCONís drive system has only two slow-moving roller bearings. The reason for this is the low speed of the direct drive.

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